Fitting the pieces together.

Genealogy is like a jigsaw puzzle. Sometimes the pieces are easy to find and they match perfectly. Other times it is more challenging to find the right puzzle piece. You may have something that seems like a logical fit, but no amount of pushing makes the piece fit correctly. That is when the services of a professional genealogist can help.


I conduct focused, targeted research using the Genealogical Proof Standard. I will help find the missing puzzle pieces you are looking for.

Why hire a professional genealogist?

Sometimes home genealogists are struggling to solve a unique family mystery. With aging parents or grandparents, they may be trying to solve this mystery in a limited amount of time. Or they may need records or record interpretation that is difficult to obtain on their own. This is where a professional genealogist can help.

Danish Translation & Research

Discover more about your Danish or Swedish ancestors through the translation of old family letters or documents in the respective national archives.  I have lived in both Denmark and Sweden and have intimate knowledge of the language, culture, and history.

Kinship Determination

Family trees, also known as Kinship Determination, can be useful for applications to lineage societies and also help connect the pieces for DNA evaluation.

DNA Interpretation

Perhaps you have gotten a DNA test and want to understand the results in more detail than just the ethnicity breakdown. Chromosome mapping can be used to help identify how others are related to you. Those connections can then be compared to other family trees, helping you get past brick walls using DNA.

Missouri Research

I reside in mid-Missouri and can visit local courthouses to obtain copies of land, vital, and probate records. I am also available to visit local repositories, such as genealogical societies and archives, to access their holdings.

American Genealogy

I am able to conduct research for all areas of the country, with specialization in the New England, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, Midwest, and Western regions.

About Aaron Spohr

I am a Board Certified Genealogist® and a graduate of Boston University’s Certificate in Genealogical Research program. I am also an active member of both the National Genealogical Society and the Association of Professional Genealogists.

National Genealogical Society Member